Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

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The black-eyed Susanne is a richly flowering one-year climbing plant for balcony, bed and pot. It is quite undemanding and flowers throughout the summer. With its eye-catching flower color and joyful growth, it is a very fast, lush and beautiful privacy shield on walls, walls and fences. Her trademark is the dark eye, and orange flower.

Care conditions - Remove withered flowers. Prefers a sunny and at the same time warm location. But even a spot in the light shade can be selected for planting. Also, the place should be protected from the wind, but still be airy. Flowers May to October. Although the black-eyed Susanne fades fast, but she is a real feast for the eyes with her sharply outlined black throat, which is surrounded by orange-yellow flowers.
It is a slow-growing creeper and can grow up to 110 or even 120 centimeters tall. 

Plant height: Approx. 85cm trellised on wooden stakes - delivered in a 25cm (h) terracotta pot with saucer.

Also known as 'Thunbergia' to her friends.

The images you see are a representation of this plant shown, and plants will vary, subject to seasonal availability at our growers. Every plant is unique and special.