Stem vase DIY | 70% off
Stem vase DIY | 70% off

Stem vase DIY | 70% off

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'Stem' is a modern re-think of vases in the traditional sense, intended to put the focus firmly back on the plant. The design is as subtle as possible, stripped back to show off the beauty of a single bloom or leaf.

This unexpected vase exhibits flowers and foliage in an almost scientific manner, making everything – from tip to stem – visible to study and admire. Stem is made from light, refined brass to counterbalance its simple and sophisticated silhouette. A long-lasting cymbidium orchid complements this philosophy, therefore the perfect partnership is made. Simply unwrap the beautifully gift wrapped box vase, fill with water and place the stem in vase... and enjoy.

Frame size | Ø 10 x 32cm

Material | Solid brass and mouth-blown glass, by designer MENU.


Kindly order before 11:00 and allow 2-3 working days prior to delivery. Should the delivery date provide less than this timeframe, we will provide an alternative as close as available.


The images you see are a representation of the style shown, and flower colour will vary, subject to seasonal availability. We source the freshest flowers for you to enjoy, therefore every bouquet is unique and special.