Sickle Thorn - One left!
Sickle Thorn - One left!

Sickle Thorn - One left!

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Asparagus ferns make great houseplants. This vigorous evergreen climber has spiny stems clothed with large flat leaves, which are actually flattened pieces of stem. They are not true ferns they just get their common name from the ferny foliage they have. Another fun fact!: They are in fact related to the edible Asparagus speices.

Also known as 'Asparagus falcatus' to her friends.

Care Conditions - They don't need too much water and like indirect sunlight. Asparagus need bright natural light but do not need to be in direct sunlight all the time. A position close to or on a windowsill will be fine. You may find a south facing windowsill will be too hot in summer. If plants appear to be suffering move them to a cooler position.

Not suitable for households with pets and children 

Delivered together with a concrete pot designed by Marie Michielssen for Serax. Please note concrete is a natural product and marks in its appearance are characteristic of this material - and therefore makes each pot unique and special.

Pot size: 30 (d) x 30cm (h)

Please allow 3 days for delivery in Amsterdam. Delivery between 9:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday!