Polka Dot Begonia

Polka Dot Begonia

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My all time favourite houseplant! This little work of art would make any house a home, with it's gorgeous green leaves freckled with silvery-white spots on its upper surface and a red-Bordeaux reverse. Blooms white flowers. The perfect gift for a housewarming, or to brighten an apartment in Amsterdam.

Also known as Begonia Maculata to her friends.

Turnaround We kindly require 2-3 working days for delivery 

Care Conditions Suitable for indoors. No direct sunlight and away from drafts. Prefers half shade and a room temp of 17-25°. Lukewarm water once every 2 weeks in the saucer. Loves to be fertilized once per month. 

Delivered with a terracotta pot and saucer. Plant height: 15cm 

Available for same day delivery.