My little citrus tree

My little citrus tree

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This little beauty would make any house a home, this is one of the best indoor fruit trees that you can get! The perfect gift for a housewarming, or to brighten a light-filled apartment. It is a perennial shrub and is a cross between a tangerine and a kumquat. For decoration only (not for your breakfast!).

Care conditions - Suitable for indoors or warm outdoors (from 10°C and above). Prefers a lot of light. Water regularly and do not let the soil dry. Loves to be fertilized. 

Tree height: Approx. 60cm delivered in a terracotta pot with saucer.

Also known as Orange Citrofortunella or Mic. Calamondin to his friends.

The images you see are a representation of this plant shown, and plants will vary, subject to seasonal availability at our growers. Every plant is unique and special.