Monstera Minima | in terracotta pot

Monstera Minima | in terracotta pot

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This modern plant would suit the coolest of home interiors and is the perfect living gift.

Also known as Rhapidophora tetrasperma, or 'Mini Monstera' to her friends

Care Conditions - The Monstera Minima is very easy to care for and fast growing, making it the ideal house plant for beginners. It grows sideways so you can train it to grow up a bamboo cane or down from a bookcase or shelf. The Monstera likes a lot of light or partial shade but no direct sunlight.  The ideal air temperature 18 - 22 ° C. Keep away from a draft.

Watering - Keep moist, add lukewarm water once a week, potting soil must not dry out. Spray with water once a week. Fertilize a little once every two weeks, once every two months in winter.

Delivered together with a terracotta pot and saucer 

Please note this is a natural product therefore every plant is unique and special.Plant height 40-45cm | Pot size 20cm 

Available for same day delivery if ordered before 11:00