Golden Pothos - Purifying the skies

Golden Pothos - Purifying the skies

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This hanging plant displays beautiful rich green leaves, strong air-purifying qualities and low care requirements. You will see this popular plant thriving in cafes, apartments and offices due to it's easy care. 

Known to her friends as many things such as 'Epipremnum pinnatum',' Scindapsus', 'Pothos' or 'Devils Ivy'.

Care Conditions - Average lighting conditions are be best for your Pothos plant. Growth will be slow if you choose a very dark spot, this will also create sparse 'vines' with leaves quite far apart. Very bright spots with strong sunlight beaming on to the leaves should be avoided as well because this will eventually destroy the plant. Underwatering can be tolerated, yet over watering needs to be avoided, otherwise you risk rot setting in around the roots. The soil should never be soggy or wet. If you've given too much water, pour any excess away. A reasonable warm temperature is needed here. No lower than 10°C in Winter and ideally between 15°C and 25°C in the other seasons.

Delivered in a gold metal hanging pot with matching chain. Can also be mixed and matched so as a set - check out our other gold hanging pot collection! Indoor use only.

Warning! Please keep away from small children and pets.

Plant size: 45cm (h)

Pot size: Medium ⌀15,5cm

All plants will vary in size and appearance compared to the image shown. Please allow 3 working days for delivery in Amsterdam. Delivery between 9:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday!