Fishhook - an easy care trailing succulent

Fishhook - an easy care trailing succulent

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This gorgeous grey-coloured hanging plant is super low maintenance and perfect to place in that favourite nook in your home that allows for this gorgeous long trail of foliage. Either hang it or place it on a flat high surface.

Also known to her friends as 'Fishhook Senacio', String Of Fishhooks, or well as by its botanic moniker 'Senecio radicans'.

Care Conditions - water once every two weeks, less in winter. Place in a bright to high light spot, like near a south or west window. Just be sure to keep it away from hot glass or prolonged exposure to hot summer sun to avoid burning. Fishhook Senecios are easy to propagate by stem or leaf cuttings!

This single plant is delivered together with either of these choices:

- a terracotta pot

- a plastic hanging pot

Trail length: 1.5 meters

Check out our 'Gold watering can' - it's the perfect way to water plants up high to funnel the water easily.

Please allow 3 days for delivery in Amsterdam. All plants will vary in size and appearance compared to the image shown. Delivery between 9:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday!