Begonia 'Angry River' | 50% off!
Begonia 'Angry River' | 50% off!

Begonia 'Angry River' | 50% off!

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This Begonia is super trendy evergreen houseplant, and arrives with a gorgeous matching pot which would suit all homes. This striking Begonia has large rough-textured green leaves with delicate dusty pink undersides.

Also known as 'Begonia Masoniana' to her furry friends.

CARE This plant prefer to be in a spot with bright indirect light, as too much direct sunlight can cause sunburn on the leaves. Let the soil dry after watering, and avoid overwatering. Fertilise once every 2 weeks.

TURNAROUND Kindly order before 11:00 for same day delivery!

APPEARANCE All plants will vary in size and appearance compared to the image shown. Plant height will vary per plant: 35-90cm long tendrils

Plant size: 30cm(h)