Autograph Plant - sign up for a new lease on life!

Autograph Plant - sign up for a new lease on life!

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This air purifying evergreen would easily blend in as a new member of your household. The heavyweight concrete pot has a unique oval shape and handles on the sides. 

This leafy houseplant that is remarkably sturdy and easy to care for. Its stiff, leathery leaves are known to be so strong, you could carve your name into them – hence name 'Autograph Tree' (don't try this at home kids!).

Also known as Clusia Rosea 'Princesss, or 'Pitch Apple', 'Copey' or 'Scotch Attorney' to her friends.

Care Conditions - Average to warm household temperatures between 16-29°C are ideal and the warmer the better. Clusia Rroses like lots of bright light and thrive outdoors in full sun in tropical climates. Grown indoors as houseplants, they will cope with medium light levels and some degree of shade. Water well, keeping the soil moist at all times.

Delivered inside a beautiful taupe coloured chic minimal ceramic pot, by designer Broste Copenhagen.

Plant size: 50cm (h)

Pot size: 23,8 x 20cm (h)

Please allow 3 days for delivery in Amsterdam. Delivery between 9:00 and 18:00, Monday to Saturday!