Alocasia - modern day elegance

Alocasia - modern day elegance

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This beautiful elegant two-stemmed Alocasia plant is a fine simple understated plant, which doesn't require a large living space.

Important care conditions - Suitable for indoor. The Alocasia likes to stand in a place with lots of sunlight. Therefore, place the plant about two meters in front of a south-facing window or directly in front of a west- or east-facing window. These houseplants love warmth. Trim away falling leaves. Keep away from cold drafts from windows, doors, stoves and air conditioning. Alocasias are not suitable around children and pets. If this plant gets too much water, small drops will appear at the leaf tips. This way the plant drains excess water, so keep away tips from walls and fragile surfaces. Avoid giving this plant cold water, but water at room temperature. 

Watering - Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. It is therefore wise to regularly give small amounts of water. Spray at least once a week.

Delivered with a glossy forest green cylindrical ceramic pot, insert and watermeter.

Plant height: 120cm 

Please allow 3 working days for delivery in Amsterdam between 9:00-18:00 Monday to Saturday! Thank you!