Aglaonema plant | pink/green

Aglaonema plant | pink/green

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One of our favourite Aglaonema varieties with beautiful pink-rimmed and green foliage! This is one of the most durable houseplants you can grow and will make you look like an expert green thumb to your housemates and visitors! This beautiful plant thrives in medium to low light conditions or indirect sunlight. This houseplant will help clean the air. So it's good to look at and also good for you! Also the perfect size for gifts. 

Also known as Chinese Evergreen to her friends.

Care Conditions - Wherever you place it in the home, you should make sure that the plant receives warm temps and somewhat humid conditions. However, this flexible plant will tolerate less than ideal conditions if necessary. These plants prefer temperatures no lower than 16° with average indoor temps ranging between 21-22° being most favourable, but they can tolerate temps around 10-13°. Keep these plants away from drafts, which can cause browning of the foliage.

Turnaround - Available for same day delivery 

Delivered together with a terracotta pot. All plants will vary in size and appearance compared to the image shown.